What Are Cerec Porcelain Dental Fillings?

Cerec technology allows us to create porcelain white fillings in a single visit. Instead of having to use a technician to make inlays or crowns (meaning two separate visits), we can now do the entire procedure in a single day. If you have a crack, need a filling or veneer, we can do the entire procedure safely and effectively using Cerec.

Using the Cerec 3D camera computer software and milling machine, we provide high quality dental fillings in Adelaide. Our tooth coloured fillings will match your natural teeth, blending in perfect and not noticeable to the naked eye.

Cerec technology has been supported by over 20 years of research. Over eight million restorations have been performed worldwide. It’s completely safe and the most patient-friendly treatment available.

How Does It Work?

The Cerec 3D camera and milling machine can sometimes seem like magic – but here is how it really works. The machine takes an infrared photo of your tooth in full detail. The software installed on the medical-grade computer assesses the photo and builds an instruction for the machine to construct your filling. The milling machine then uses the highest quality porcelain to create fillings that perfectly match your tooth. It really is that ‘simple’!

What Are the Benefits of Cerec Porcelain Fillings?

We have already mentioned one of the main benefits of Cerec: namely, it’s quick and convenient. You will not need to make multiple appointments that cause you to miss work, school or other engagements.

In addition, the material used in the procedure ensures tooth coloured fillings that match. The restoration method is designed to mimic tooth structure, appearing and behaving 100% like real teeth.

The material even expands and contracts in response to heat or cold, just like your own teeth. This means that your filling will last longer, be less sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment, and it will look fully natural as well.

You will also find that you can eat completely normally with your fillings, without worrying that they will get damaged or cracked. They perform just like real teeth, meaning that you can drink and eat as per your usual habits.

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Cerec porcelain fillings are the best dentistry has to offer – interested in using a procedure that will leave your teeth looking beautiful while maintaining oral health?

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