Cosmetic Tooth Alignment Adelaide

Mawson Lakes Dental, located just a short drive from central Adelaide, offers cosmetic tooth alignment services to a wide range of patients. Our modern and recently refurbished treatment rooms, along with our professional staff, ensure a high level of service to make your cosmetic tooth alignment as simple as possible.

From Crowded Teeth to Straight Teeth, With Ease

The Mawson Lakes Dental cosmetic tooth alignment service gives customers a chance to have the straight teeth they’ve been dreaming of, without complicated procedures or years of treatment. The Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment method is simpler and less painful than traditional braces, and takes considerably less time, with most cases being completed in 6 months or less.

What To Expect

Patients that opt for the Cfast method can expect to see changes to their smile in a fraction of the time that traditional braces and other orthodontic methods take to achieve the same results. Cosmetic tooth alignment doesn’t deal with major orthodontic issues, but  rather it focuses on the outward look of your teeth, and if you’re suitable, the results are clear every time.

How Cosmetic Tooth Alignment Works

Unlike many other methods that straighten teeth, cosmetic tooth alignment only focuses on the top and bottom front six teeth, sometimes referred to by orthodontists as the Social Six.

Patients will be fitted with tooth coloured orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, causing minimal changes to your look for the duration of the treatment. The wires are regularly changed to stronger ones, which will in turn put small pressure on your teeth and encourage them to align. Due to the small amount of movement, and the teeth that we focus on, patients will feel minimal discomfort, but will be able to see results that last very quickly.

Simple Tooth Alignment For Adults

Many adults opt not to get braces or invisibraces due to the cosmetic and logistical challenges of the method for achieving straight teeth. The process can be long, painful and disruptive to your day-to-day life. Now that Mawson Lakes Dental offers Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment, there’s no reason not to contact our team and see if you’re eligible for the new treatment.

As the tooth alignment only deals with a small number of teeth, patients can see results for many common cosmetic tooth alignment issues. So, if you have crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, lots of gum showing, or you simply aren’t happy with your smile, consider our cosmetic tooth alignment service. In many cases, complicated orthodontic treatments are not required, and Cfast is a simple solution.

Don’t Wait Around For Straight Teeth

One of the reasons that the cosmetic tooth alignment we offer is so popular with our patients is that it is such a quick process. Both the overall treatment time, and the individual maintenance sessions, take only a short time in comparison with other orthodontic treatment options.

Due to the simplicity of the treatment, our cosmetic tooth alignment service is substantially more affordable than many other methods to straighten teeth. This affordability, along with the quick treatment time and minimal brackets and wire, makes it easy for people of any age to get the teeth they want, fast.