Our friendly dental therapist will help you and your child feel comfortable.

At Mawson Lakes Dental we recommend bringing your child in for a dental check-up at the age of 3. This can help to build your child’s confidence for regular dental visits, and can help identify and address any concerns you may have.

Dental care for children

It is important to maintain your child’s oral health and begin cleaning their teeth as soon as they erupt. Children can develop dental caries (decay) from a very early age.

Poor oral hygiene and inappropriate diet can lead to Early Childhood Caries (ECC) in infants and very young children. ECC, also known as “nursing bottle decay”, can have long lasting effects on children’s dental condition and overall health.

Maintain your child’s oral hygiene in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Education and prevention is the key to guiding your child in a positive direction dentally, so why not let our Dental Therapist help you give them that head start!

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