What to expect

Your initial appointment at Mawson Lakes Dental will consist of a thorough dental examination to assess the current state of your oral health.

Medical history

A complete medical history will be taken, so please bring along a list of your current medications and let us know of any health conditions. Many common chronic medical conditions and medications may affect your oral health and future dental treatment.

Optional x-rays

Digital radiographs may be taken to check for tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Check of your teeth

A thorough check of your dentition including the current health of your gums will be performed. Broken down or corroding fillings will be identified as will any decay that may present around your teeth.

We will also look at your teeth for signs of acid wear, tooth brush abrasion, tooth grinding and clenching.

Jaw, joint and oral check

In addition to just looking at your teeth will examine your jaw joint and muscles, and will also examine your tongue, cheeks and other structures to check for signs of diseases such as oral cancer.

Orthodontic assessment

An orthodontic assessment will be performed to assess your bite and straightness of your teeth.

In children we can assess the likelihood of future problems with tooth crowding and arrange for early interceptive orthodontic treatment to correct for future problems.

In complex cases we may take moulds of your teeth and utilise speical x-ray tests to examine your dental health.

Personalised treatment plan

Each patient will receive a tailored treatment plan to restore or maintain their oral health. This plan will include a preventative focus to maintain your oral health in the long term.

Where dental treatment is required we will provide you with all the available treatment options. This will enable you to achieve the optimal outcome for your teeth.