Smartbleach: The Best Way to Whiten Teeth

At Mawson Lakes Dental (just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide), we use the latest in teeth whitening technology to give our patients the safest and most effective method to get that beautiful smile they’re looking for. Trained professionals with years of experience do the entire process in-house; you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands from beginning to end.

Smartbleach® was first introduced to Australia in 1999 and has been producing stellar results ever since. It guarantees a whiter smile after just one treatment, whereas many other products require repeat visits to see a difference and the results don’t last as long.

Our Teeth Whitening – Before and After Examples

Before & After Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Before your treatment, we will show you a shade chart that clearly demonstrates the improvement you can expect. The treatment itself does not hurt at all, with a slight tingling sensation being the most that any of our patients report. You won’t need anaesthetic injections, so don’t worry about that!

The results often surprise even our most optimistic patients. Most of the patients we have done teeth whitening treatments for do not need to return for many years. In terms of permanent teeth whitening results, this is as close as you can get!  Only in some cases, for example patients with antibiotic staining from childhood, will multiple treatments be required.

Our Teeth Whitening Process Explained

Smartbleach treatment AdelaideThe patented system is built around a process that combines a formulated gel and a KTP green light laser to create a photodynamic treatment that produces those fantastic results.

Each tooth is treated individually, ensuring that all teeth get optimal results. Finally, the laser-activated fluoride treatment stabilises your treatment. It’s the only true laser whitening method on the market today.

Video Demonstration of the Smartlight 3LT for Smartbleach

Tooth Whitening Treatment That’s Gentle on Enamel

Many lower end products promise to whiten your teeth and while some achieve cosmetic results, your teeth will pay a hefty price. The material that’s used is very harsh and consequently wears down tooth enamel. We always recommend that you avoid purchasing teeth whitening treatment over the counter, for example, as these will definitely lead to harmful side effects.

At Mawson Lakes Dental we exclusively use the original Smartbleach® system, which not only gives you the results but also guarantees that your teeth will not be harmed in the process. Not only that, the laser activated fluoride application that’s part of the treatment actually serves to harden the outer layer of enamel!

Professional Teeth Whitening In Just 1 Hour

We pride ourselves on providing a professional service that not only delivers top-notch results, but is quick and convenient as well. We know our clients lead busy lives, so we use the latest methods and technology to ensure you’re in and out the door in just 1 hour!

If you are interested in teeth whitening services in Adelaide, please give us a call on 08 8260 2499 for more information. We can book you in for a consultation appointment, where we’ll propose a tailored treatment plan that best suits your needs. Alternatively, fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you very soon.