No Need To Fear, The Modern Dentist Is Here

It’s no secret that fear of the dentist is a very real problem for many people causing you to delay your important dental checkup, or leaving that tooth that’s giving you agony. According to a study by Jason Armfield, approximately 21% of Australian adults were moderately to extremely afraid of going to the dentist.

However the fear is largely based on problems of the past. There’s no need to fear the modern dentist if you find yourself a good one. Modern dentists are specially trained in handling fearful patients. A variety of methods and treatments are available to reduce pain and fear in patients. A good dentist understands your fears and will work through them with you, so that you’re comfortable and relaxed. If you have any fears, just let us know so that we can address them.

The infographic below will help to ease your dental fears so you can book that visit now before you let a minor problem become a major one!

No Need To Fear The Modern Dentist Infographic

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