Dr Emilija Ports sees infants and young children to diagnose and treat ankyloglossia (otherwise known as tongue-tie). A thorough oro-functional assessment is performed to determine whether there may be a functional restriction in the mouth causing difficulty with movement and breastfeeding. Young children and adults are also assessed and treated with dental, speech and swallowing problems.

Dr Ports uses a diode laser to perform labial (lip) and lingual (tongue) frenectomies for patients of any age. The procedure takes only a few minutes either in the dental chair or occasionally under general anaesthetic if required. Laser frenectomy has the advantage of not requiring anaesthesia or stitches in most situations and healing occurs in 7-14days.

Dr Emilija Ports is a member of the board for the Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip Ties (ASTLiT)*, she is also a member of the Tongue & Lip Tie Support Australia Group and is on the Australian Provider List of Health Professionals for the diagnosis and management of tongue and lip ties.

*ASTLiT is a professional, multidisciplinary society focused on improving knowledge and awareness of tongue tie and upper lip tie. Their focus is providing a resource for professionals working across a broad range of health-care settings with people of all ages who have been diagnosed with tongue tie or upper lip tie.